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    Here at Copia's Dachshunds, we pride ourselves on producing well-rounded, well-tempered dogs. We consider our dogs "working dogs" in the sense that we encourage them to follow their natural instincts. For that reason, we compete in Dachshund Field Trials and Earthdog Tests. We also compete in conformation, agility, rally obedience and traditional obedience. We believe in the saying that "a balanced dog has titles at both ends!"

We do occasionally breed a litter of puppies. The decision to breed is a serious one, and not to be taken lightly. Our goal when we breed a litter is that the next generation is better than the last. If the right match cannot be found, then we do not breed.

When we breed a litter of puppies, we are responsible for them from birth until death. If someone who has purchased a puppy from us cannot keep it for any reason at any time, it will be returned to us. The age of the dog upon return is not important. We would rather take an old dog back and love it for its last days than find out later it went to the pound only to be euthanized with nobody to love it.

We are always available for support, whether you purchase a puppy from us or just want more information about this wonderful breed. If you have a question, feel free to ask it. If we don't know the answer, we will find the answer. No question is too dumb to ask.

Impulse buying is not encouraged. Dachshund puppies are cute, and everyone loves a cute face. However, these dogs live a long time and if you are not ready for a 15 year commitment (or longer), you might want to reconsider your decision to own a Dachshund.


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