Former Residents of Copia's Dachshunds


These are dogs that have lived with us over the years. Some were rescues, some were potential show prospects, but all had a special place in our hearts.


Ace was the first show dog we purchased. He earned 9 points, but we never could get his majors. He lives in Nashville now and is the "office dog" at his owner's place of work.


Buster was a rescue we took in from a co-worker at PetSmart. He lived with us for several months before finding a permanent home in Tennessee.


Doc was turned into a local pound as a stray. We were contacted to foster him and we found him a home in Georgia.


Gus (black and tan coonhound) was a client dog that lived with us for nearly a year before going back to his owners. He finished his show career at #11 in the United States. Sadly, Gus has crossed the Bridge.

Tater was born at Copia's Dachshunds, and went to Kentucky to be part of a breeding program there.


Lucy came to live with us to learn how to be a field dog and to try her luck in Earthdog Tests. She was great in practice sessions, but when it came time to work in real trials and tests, she let us know that she wasn't interested. She went back to her owners in Kentucky after living with us for several months.


Molly was a rescue that we took in because the shelter in Murfreesboro was going to euthanize her at only 14 weeks old. She lived with us for nearly two years before finding a permanent home.


Prince is another one that stayed with us to learn how to be a field dog. He was more successful than Lucy was, and he managed to earn 4 points in the field before going back to his owner in Alabama. Prince has now crossed the Bridge, too.


Sadie was a rescue that we had only for a few days, and the right home came along. She was a very sweet girl and although we didn't get to know her well, we still remember her fondly.


Snooze was only with us a couple of days before going to his new home. We picked him up at a show for a friend and kept him for a few days before meeting up with his new owner. He was too cute not to take a few pictures!


Tank was born here at Copia's Dachshunds. He is a littermate to Fiona. Tank was with us for almost a year before we found the right home for him.


Willow came to us from another breeder with the hopes of showing her and possibly adding her to our breeding program. Unfortunately, after she had been here a few weeks, we discovered that she would not do well in the show ring due to a very slightly crooked leg. It never bothered her in the slightest, but it was just noticable enough to keep us from showing her. She was so happy about everything in life that it was hard to let her go, but she found a great home in Tennessee.