Copia's Call The Wind Mariah, NJP




Mariah is from the first litter we ever had.  She was the one with the most drive and attitude, although her conformation wasn't the best.  She was bred once and produced nice puppies, though only one was shown.  Dexter did earn a major, but went over-size and is now in a pet home.


I decided to breed her one more time and got, to my very great surprise, no black pigment in the whole litter! There were three liver-nosed reds, and two of those were longhairs!

Winky is still here, but for sale; brother Dobby went to a wonderful pet home in Nashville; sister Myrtle, has gone to Hi-Li Dachshunds but will remain a part of the chocolate program here.


Mariah is pointed in the field, and has earned her Novice Jumpers Preferred agility title.  She needs one more leg for the Novice Standard Preferred title, which she may or may not get, as we have not competed in agility for nearly 3 years now.


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