~News from Copia's Dachshunds~

Updated 4/19/09


April 2009

Roxie and Fiona both turned out to not be pregnant after all. We're very disappointed, of course, but there is probably a good reason for this to happen, so we will wait and try again another time.


March 2009

Nelly finished her Championship with 4 majors!

Nova earned her first points, a 4-point major!

Kenesha began her quest to become our first Dual Champion, earning her first points in the field at the DCMA Field Trial!


October 2008

Belle finished her Field Championship! She is my first Bred-By Champion in any venue, and I could not be prouder of her!


Mariah whelped 3 beautiful puppies on Halloween, 2 girls and 1 boy. The boy and one girl are chocolate and tan longhairs, and the other girl is a liver-nosed red smooth. Winky will stay here, Dobby is available, and Myrtle has gone to her new home at Hi-Li Dachshunds.