The words of the Rainbow Bridge poem set to music. Tastefully done. A must-see.

In remembrance of our friends who have gone before us...

Copyright ©T.Pike
Music by Kerry Muzzey               Flash animation by Terri Pike

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Copia's Apple Of My Eye


6/28/06 - 1/11/12

Gone from this world far too soon...she left a big hole in my heart, but I have her son and her spirit lives on in him.


10/1/95 - 12/6/11


FC Soper's Driftwood


2/3/97 - 12/6/11


Little Big Man About Town, RE JE


2/24/97 - 12/8/10

Beaudoc's Floatin on a Dream


2/1/04 - 7/1/05




Dickens Talilu Kate Nickleby UDX RE NAP AJP


8/19/94 - 9/28/07


Katie belonged to a dear friend, and we mourn her loss.  Katie was truly one of a kind, and to those who knew her, she will fondly be remembered for many years to come.  Goodbye, Katie-Monster, we'll see you at the Bridge.




Princess Nala Lounsbury

Sept. 2, 1996-Oct. 11, 2010

Princess was another great dog that belonged to great friends. We knew her for her whole life. She and our chihuahua, Petey, were great friends in the puppy days. We'll miss you, Princess. Safe journey over the Bridge.